Meet the RHG Team

Dr. Alex Kelso


Dr. David Bailey

Senior Executive Officer

Hiroki Kimura

Director of Clinical Affairs

Alexandra Hannanvash

Project Manager

Dr. Paul Roh

Executive Officer
RHG Orange County

Dr. Mariah King

Lead HAL Clinician
SoCal Elite Physical Therapy

Affiliate Organizations

RHG is comprised of some of the most respected and innovative companies in physical therapy and healthcare technology. We’re proud to be affiliated with the brands and organizations listed below.

Cyberdyne Inc.

Cyberdyne is a Japan-based technology company working on the cutting edge of robotics, AI, and Information Systems. The company has successfully developed an FDA-approved wearable “Hybrid Assistive Limb” device – known as HAL – designed to help people suffering from stroke, spinal cord injuries, and other neuromuscular diseases. Cyberdyne is leading the challenge to create the Cybernics Industry that will follow the success of the robotics and IT industry.

RISE Physical Therapy

RISE is proud to be San Diego's premier provider of 1-on-1 physical therapy services with clinic locations throughout San Diego County.

SoCal Elite Physical Therapy

SoCal Elite offers physical therapy treatment to patients in Orange County.

Tyler Physical Therapy

Tyler PT provides outpatient physical therapy treatment and Pilates instruction to patients throughout the region of Los Angeles County.

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